Jan 4 Tuesday Morning

had 1/4 apple + 1/3 pear + 1/2 roma tomato for breakfast. walked for an hour.

had a little bit of buckwheat + organic brown rice for snack. all raw.

feeling good. first urine was still bubbly. bit of shoulder stiffness maybe due to lifting last night.

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Jan 3 Evening

Dinner:  half roma tomatoe + 1/4 asian pear + 1/2 banana

Exercise: dumbell + situps

Bubble bathing before sleeping

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Hello world!

January 3, Monday.

symptoms : stiffness in the shoulders and frequent bathroom trips.  masturbated twice.

diet: had fried dumpling for lunch. i think it’s my last fried meal for a while, if not this year.

action: walk/run for 1 hour in the afternoon. cleaned up the fridges. strictly go veggie and raw.

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